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Who I am

Since I was a boy I was always attracted to music. I remember in my childhood I spent hours with my equipment on listening to music. I was particularly attracted to the drums and the role within the music. The one with the beat. At the age of 19 I was able to form a band where he was obviously in command of the beat. In 2004 I started my career as a Higher Technician in Sound where I received my degree in 2007. Since then I have been mixing and editing, working with different styles of music. AATIA member. I am currently a recording and mixing technician at Adipal Estudio

Mixing | $AR 3200

The published price is per song. ITB mix (Plugin Alliance). The files (.wav) can be sent via Google Drive or Dropbox. The finished song will also be sent by the same means. AATIA member.

Sound for bands (since) $AR 6500

Ideal service for your band when they play in bars, pubs, restaurant where the sound level is required to be comfortable. Contact to know more. Service only in Argentina

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